Jessica D.s

 Anna is a wonderfully compassionate care provider. She is meticulous and very skilled in her career choice. I would highly recommend! 

Marina A

 Anna is a wonderful and caring person and care provider. I am so happy to see this service available. Anna has cared for my three year old daughter and she had so much fun with her. As a parent, knowing that someone is available to care for my children who is fully trained in first aid, has experience and references and is knowledgeable in carseat safety, means a lot to me.
We will definitely be using her services again in the future. 

Nessa L


Anna is one of the kindest people I know. She is smart, hardworking and so caring. With very little family support, in my life, I needed help! I was having some pretty dark days, and wondering how I was going to keep moving forward. Anna swooped in to save the day. She is amazing with my children and they love her! I would whole heartedly recommend Your Second Family!


Kait K

 Anna is such a kind soul! She has been incredibly accommodating to the needs of my daughter and our dog. I am so thankful that we've met Anna and are able to schedule date nights! Thank you so much for all that you do!! I am so grateful for your services! 

Bonnie H


Anna is professional, understanding and knowledgeable. She is a quick learner and eager to get to know our 12 year old son and his complex needs. She provides us with the peace of mind that our son is having fun and being well cared for, while we have some time away from our son’s constant and fully dependent care.  Both Anna and Jess are a welcomed part of our support team. 



 Anna is the best person ever.