Anna Perry


My name is Anna Perry and I am a PSW graduate from Fleming College. I absolutely love performing respite and personal care services because I can see the positive difference it makes in people's lives. Reducing stress and easing the burden for others is a huge motivating factor for me and seeing a smile of relief (or sometimes even tears of joy!) is what makes respite care so rewarding. My passion for helping others has led me to recently open my own respite care business (Your Second Family!).

I live in Peterborough with my husband, and I am a mother of two young boys who are 22 months apart. Having gone through the pressures and unexpected hurdles that come with pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum phase. I can provide practical and compassionate help with ongoing respite care from birth to old age, working with a variety of people and disabilities. 

When working with big PSW companies you are getting different people in your home without consistency. This can be difficult for you and your family. When hiring me I would work one on one with your loved one and be able to build that personal relationship making it less of a medical feel and more like a second family. 

Jessica Gentle

My Name is Jessica Gentle and I have been a developmental service worker in Peterborough for almost 6 years. I love working with individuals of all ages and abilities to nurture self-advocacy, confidence and  interdependence. I have a holistic understanding of personal health and wellness, incorporating meditation, music, yoga and mindfulness. I take pride in being a source that parents and loved ones trust and rely on. Over the years I have met the most hard working, resilient people and I feel so privileged to be part of their lives.

 I am also a mother to my now adult son with ASD and it has been quite the journey. In my experience, there is a lack of individualized support and resources in the community, government agencies and the education system.  I have sat on both sides of the bench, the mother and the DSW.  It is my mission to provide to you what you need, with the same compassion and understanding that only a mother/loved one can provide. I offer respite, scheduled support and crisis/meltdown assistance to families.

 Both my personal and professional experience have provided me with the necessary skills to provide creative, adaptive support.

I am looking forward to bringing my experience to new opportunities and to meeting you and your family.

Natasha Goffredo


 Hi, My name is Natasha Goffredo. I'm 25 years old and I'm a Developmental Services Worker as well as an Autism and Behavioural Science Support Worker.  I graduated from Fleming College from the DSW program in 2015.

 I have an incredible passion for this field and have increased my knowledge by studying in the Autism program through Seneca College and graduating with High Honours in October 2019.  My passion involves working with individuals who have physical, developmental and intellectual disabilities, of all ages, genders and abilities. This is in order to help achieve their dreams by inspiring, advocating and promoting inclusion, through a holistic approach.  

 I take a huge pride in my work and truly enjoy helping individuals in all stages of life in order to have them experince a satisfying and rich quality of life, while still being seen as valued members of their community and allowing the regular caregivers to get a break. 

 I look forward to providing quality care and support to families and guardians and become "Your Second Family"!